A world of opportunities

  At ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Limited, we pride ourselves in being nimble and seizing   opportunities. We firmly believe that a rewarding career for our people is a natural corollary of this   business principle.

  Our team comprises committed and talented professionals with an open and creative mind - people who   are resourceful, think out of the box, are open to change and not just take directions.

I-Sec PD is consistently ranked at the top of every facet of fixed income business, be it origination,execution, trading. We believe in hiring the best available talent for each position and investing in competence building. We seek a commitment to excellence and are committed to reward achievers. We are constantly on the look out for people who like being challenged.

Roles you might play

Sales: Manage relationships with institutional investors, understand clients' needs, offer insight on market developments and provide advice on investment opportunities

Trading: Make markets in bonds and derivatives, buy and sell securities, be responsible for deploying firm's capital

Research: Analyse macroeconomic trends and formulate views on economy and interest rates, promote these ideas internally and externally

Capital Markets: Originate and distribute products tailored to the needs of issuers and investors

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with us, send in your resume (in .doc format) to